855-SEA-1 set 3-pcs

855-SEA-1 set 3-pcs

So hot and so tempting! This set is perfect for you and it’s ready to make your dreams come true. See-through fabric, sexy straps for perfectly emphasized shapes and… frivolous leg suspenders! Wanna try? Don’t hesitate – you’re gonna feel great!

Hot details:

- seductive, three-piece set

- bra with soft, triangle cups and vertical seams which emphasize breasts

- subtly decorated, adjustable straps and adjustable fastening – Did2Fit solution for perfect fitting

- sexy, additional straps on the bust – incredibly tempting look!

- thong made out of delicate mesh on the front and spicy straps on derriere

- decorative strap above the thong accentuates feminine shapes

- set adorned with glossy circles (NickelFree – no allergy symptoms) – it looks even hotter

- matching leg suspenders with silicone

- product includes bra, thong and suspenders

Foto di dettaglio:
855-SEA-1 set 3-pcs
855-SEA-1 set 3-pcs
855-SEA-1 set 3-pcs